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Welcome to NATS release

This repository contains the nats-release source code. This is NATS deployed as a BOSH release. See the BOSH documentation for more information on BOSH.


NATS server

As part of a platform-wide initiative across Cloud Foundry we are working toward securing all internal traffic using TLS. NATS servers can support either TLS or plaint-text traffic, but not both at the same time. To give clients time to upgrade we are providing two NATS jobs that can be colocated: a plain-text one (nats) and a TLS one (nats-tls).

NOTE: NATS does not use a standard TLS over TCP handshake. There is an initial INFO handshake, which is via plain-text. If both the client and the server agree in this handshake to use TLS then the connection is upgraded. If either of the client or server expects to use TLS but its peer does not then they will refuse to connect to avoid downgrade attacks.


NATS serving plain-text traffic. This job will be removed when all Cloud Foundry NATS clients are upgraded to use TLS.


NATS serving TLS traffic.


The smoke tests errand run a simple check that NATS is accessible and relaying messages properly. It will try to use all configured server connections.

Example Manifests

In the example-manifests folder we have an example of deployment of nats and nats tls with the smoke test.

Also, there is an ops file called enable_nats_tl_for_cf.yml which can be used to add nats and nats-tls jobs with the smoke-test errand to the CF deployment.

File a Bug

Bugs can be filed using GitHub Issues.

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