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(Deprecated) Scalable Syslog


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The scalable syslog is a consumer of Loggregator which transports application logs to syslog drains. It writes messages according to RFC 5424 and RFC 6587. Here is an example of how it writes messages:

    + Protocol Version
    |  + Timestamp                   + org_name.space_name.app_name                                       + ProcessID (Source)
    |  |                             |                                                                    |
    v  v                             v                                                                    v
<14>1 2017-10-05T15:00:55.432180389Z cf-lamb.development.dripspinner 3e0b1150-14b8-4a20-a1c5-d9e296f198ae [APP/PROC/WEB] - - msg 1 LogSpinner Log Message
 ^                                                                   ^                                                       ^
 |                                                                   |                                                       |
 + Priority                                                          + AppID                                                 + Log Message

If you see a decimal prefix followed by a space in your message, this is the length prefixed to the message. This is used to frame syslog messages when transmitting over a streaming protocol.

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