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Stack Auditor

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  • Download the latest stack-auditor from the release section of this repository.
  • Unpack the archive on your local box using tar xvzf <archive> [-C <directory>] or use a file explored.
  • Install the plugin with cf install-plugin <path_to_binary>.

Alternative: Compile from source

Prerequisite: Have a working golang environment with correctly set GOPATH.

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/


Install the plugin with cf install-plugin <path_to_binary> or use the shell scripts ./scripts/ or ./scripts/

  • Audit cf applications using cf audit-stack
  • Change stack association using cf change-stack <app> <stack> [--v3]. Setting the --v3 flag will attempt to perform a zero downtime restart. Make sure to target the space that contains the app you want to re-associate.
  • Delete a stack using cf delete-stack <stack> [--force | -f]

Run the Tests

Target a cloudfoundry and run:


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