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Stratos is an Open Source Web-based UI (Console) for managing Cloud Foundry. It allows users and administrators to both manage applications running in the Cloud Foundry cluster and perform cluster management tasks.

Stratos Application view

Please visit our new documentation site. There you can discover

  1. Our introduction, including quick start, contributing and troubleshooting guides.
  2. How to deploy Stratos in a number of environments.
    1. Cloud Foundry, as an application.
    2. Kubernetes, using a Helm chart.
    3. Docker, as a single container deploying all components.
  3. Configuring advanced features such a Single Sign On and Cloud Foundry 'invite to org'.
  4. Guides for developers.
  5. How to extend Stratos functionality and apply a custom theme.


Tested with Browserstack



The work done has been licensed under Apache License 2.0. The license file can be found here.