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@@ -34,7 +34,16 @@ can). The apps all work together the apps running on the same port
to build the code, but you need to use Maven 3 if you want to run the
server from the command line (or run integration tests).
-### Demo of command line usage
+### Deply to Cloud Foundry
+You can also build the app and push it to Cloud Foundry, e.g.
+ $ mvn install
+ $ vmc push myuaa --path uaa/target
+(If you do that, choose a unique application id, not 'myuaa'.)
+### Demo of command line usage on local server
First run the UAA server as described above:
@@ -101,7 +110,7 @@ token grant on stdout, e.g.
client-id: vmc
token-id: 90162e5c-228d-4620-b457-83e2d591eedf
-### Demo of command line usage against e.g.
+### Demo of command line usage on
The same command line example should work against a UAA running on (except for the token decoding bit because you won't

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