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@@ -8,17 +8,22 @@ If this works you are in business:
$ cd uaa
$ mvn install
-Each module has a `mvn jetty:run` target, or you could import them as
-projects into STS (use 2.8.0 or better if you can). The apps all work
-together the apps running on the same port (8080) as `/uaa`, `/app`
-and `/api`.
+Each module has a `mvn tomcat:run` target to run individually (but not
+simulataneously), or you could import them as projects into STS (use
+2.8.0 or better if you can). The apps all work together the apps
+running on the same port (8080) as `/uaa`, `/app` and `/api`.
### Demo of command line usage
+To run multiple apps we need a Tomcat manager app:
+ $ cd uaa
+ $ mvn tomcat:run -N
First run the uaa server as described above:
$ cd uaa
- $ mvn jetty:run
+ $ mvn tomcat:deploy
Then start another terminal and from the project base directory, run:
@@ -31,13 +36,13 @@ grant, similar to the approach intended for a client like VMC. The token is
stored in the file `.access_token`.
Now run the `api` server:
$ cd api
- $ mvn jetty:run
+ $ mvn tomcat:deploy
And then (from the base directory) execute:
- $ ./ http://localhost:9080/api/apps
+ $ ./ http://localhost:8080/api/apps
which should return a JSON array of (pretend) running applications.
@@ -66,7 +71,7 @@ In CloudFoundry terms
The authentication service is `uaa`. It's a plain Spring MVC webapp.
Deploy as normal in Tomcat or your container of choice, or execute
-`mvn jetty:run` to run it directly from `uaa` directory in the source tree.
+`mvn tomcat:run` to run it directly from `uaa` directory in the source tree.
When running with maven it listen on port 8080.
It supports the APIs defined in the UAA-APIs document. To summarise:
@@ -94,15 +99,16 @@ Security OAuth that can do the heavy lifting.
An example resource server. It hosts a service which returns
a list of mock applications under `/apps`.
-Run it using `mvn jetty:run` from the `api` directory. This will start
-the application on port 9080.
+Run it using `mvn tomcat:deploy` from the `api` directory. This will
+deploy the app to a Tomcat manager on port 8080.
## The App Application
This is a user interface (primarily aimed at browser) app that uses
OpenId Connect for authentication (i.e. SSO) and OAuth2 for access
grants. It authenticates with the Auth service, and then accesses
-resources in the API service.
+resources in the API service. Run it with `mvn tomcat:deploy` from
+the `app` directory.
### Use Cases

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