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Commits on Oct 23, 2012
  1. @joeldsa

    Bump the UAA to version 1.2.5

    joeldsa authored
    Change-Id: I92623d6479bfe7794b9ac9dc537b0f5dbaa719e5
  2. @joeldsa

    Change to get the UAA to return a json error response to vmc

    joeldsa authored
    This is a hack to workaround vmc sending an incorrect
    xml accept header it's inability to handle the response.
    We will revert this at a later time.
    Change-Id: I8009a2abfe4580a83b3937972a7ce1f9aef5bbf3
  3. @dsyer @joeldsa

    [cfid-227] User bootstrap fails if user already exists

    dsyer authored joeldsa committed
    The scim.user.override flag if false (the default) causes
    the bootstrap to blow up.  Fixed the logic so it doesn't.
    [Fixes #38273911]
    Change-Id: I5d20c72823b7749de8508d347edb5f933673e961
Commits on Oct 16, 2012
  1. @joeldsa

    Merge branch 'hotfix/1.2.4'

    joeldsa authored
    Change-Id: I3543026721802bb999083918d60c292c403da8f8
  2. @joeldsa

    Bumped the version of the uaa to 1.2.4

    joeldsa authored
    Change-Id: I51c0724a801bdd8d6689476c224880d51193c3ea
  3. @joeldsa

    Updated the uaa connection pool to use tomcat jdbc connection pool

    joeldsa authored
    dbcp is an older inferior connection pool and a bug in it's
    implementation may be causing the uaa to hang.
    Change-Id: I419b57b4e88fa2c3e30ab001c169fa19db7605b7
Commits on Oct 12, 2012
  1. @joeldsa

    Merge branch 'release/1.2.3'

    joeldsa authored
    Change-Id: I9afe76ff60e12922fa9e8c917143764798da59ba
  2. @dsyer

    Add thread_pool and tcp connections to /varz default output

    dsyer authored
    Test with GET /varz, should contain Catalina with thread_pool data.
    Also added data_source.
    [Fixes #37688901] Add thread_pool and tcp connections to /varz default output
    Change-Id: I8d6cb1ad1bcd88e1878f145d8ec8e63ee2049bbc
  3. @joeldsa

    Removed snapshots from the uaa

    joeldsa authored
    Change-Id: I3bbd98966d6e47ac489a801fa94ea7e345b7ecbc
  4. @joeldsa

    Bumped the UAA to version 1.2.3

    joeldsa authored
    Change-Id: I04501c6a9283a6dbb0371f7d524b563b58a4c4f8
Commits on Oct 11, 2012
  1. @vedyval

    [CFID-98] Add integration tests for groups and relation between group…

    vedyval authored
    …s, users and authorities.
    Fixes [#35999909]
    Change-Id: I0cc5fa5bd5e6843ea7794e70e4c60abe9fcb43a6
Commits on Oct 10, 2012
  1. @daleolds

    uaac & api fixes for group members, user query, pagination

    daleolds authored
    does not yet fix problems due to case-sensitive attribute names in uaa
    [deliver #36957957]
    [deliver #37488695]
    Change-Id: I330ff494a655f09d3d1e1e8e2c85212ef51d4b0d
  2. @tekul

    [cfid-111] Return all SCIM data by default

    tekul authored
    The /Users endpoint now returns all the SCIM user data fields if the request
    doesn't supply an "attributes" parameter.
    [Fixes #36251597]
    Change-Id: I2e7c01a937dae55f42fb8140313c84b5b22f2a93
  3. @dsyer

    Merge "[cfid-66] Add MDC entry for log4j in servlet initializer" into…

    dsyer authored Gerrit Code Review committed
    … develop
  4. @tekul

    Merge "[cfid-100] Delete legacy clients on startup" into develop

    tekul authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  5. @dsyer

    [cfid-66] Add MDC entry for log4j in servlet initializer

    dsyer authored
    /varz and /batch use this already, but depend on an
    older version of the common jar.  Once this is released
    they can be updated and the local listener removed.
    Change-Id: I4d78a3e939c437d6d64e2816e8c8479cfa89a774
Commits on Oct 9, 2012
  1. @tekul

    [cfid-100] Delete legacy clients on startup

    tekul authored
    The code in ClientAdminBootstrap to update legacy clients has been removed
    and it now deletes existing legacy clients (those with a client_id starting
    with "legacy_" on startup).
    [Fixes #35998511]
    Change-Id: I455f3477fc2b7564df0f22f0dceb66e020f9b849
  2. @dsyer

    [cfid-172] Fix UAA to recognize user authentications better

    dsyer authored
    The problem with scope= in /token requests is actually deeper
    than that - the UAA can't distinguish between a user and a
    client authentication.  Fixed DefaultSecurityContextAccessor
    utility to explicitly recognize UaaAuthentication.
    [#37386105] [cfid-172] authcode request should not send scope
    Change-Id: I5f78a192899ea1f785912461ccb0e38b5f73d723
  3. @dsyer

    [cfid-163] /Users query with startIndex=0 gets 500

    dsyer authored
    [Fixes #37226709] [cfid-163] /Users query with startIndex=0 gets 500
    Change-Id: Ic2b4ba48144a4401f92cf7a60d35b9da74d9ec11
  4. @dsyer

    Spelling error in

    dsyer authored
    Change-Id: I4efb5e3553f60d0bb7508ace1df8c6e55c09018b
  5. @vedyval

    Merge "[cfid-143] Fix bug in tab completion script" into develop

    vedyval authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  6. @vedyval

    [cfid-143] Fix bug in tab completion script

    vedyval authored
    Fixes [#36823239]
    Change-Id: I2f2ab6ca0a9733a9de8f8131377e7bdee12b3d1d
Commits on Oct 8, 2012
  1. @joeldsa

    Do not request scopes from the token endpoint

    joeldsa authored
    The UAA does not like this and it's not compliant with the spec
    Change-Id: Ib8efce85e521a4213d571f262100a07490dc15d4
  2. @dsyer

    Update for changes in UserApprovalHandler interface

    dsyer authored
    Change-Id: I86acac457bc6a139d4650b53cdf194bab2597bb1
  3. @dsyer

    [cfid-161] Enable userids endpoint by default in default profile

    dsyer authored
    [Fixes #37118233] [cfid-161] Disable userids id translation
    endpoint in the uaa by default
    Change-Id: I2323e7bf71b4018940d7b43f89fa02f621d4b8b7
Commits on Oct 5, 2012
  1. @joeldsa

    Bumped the snapshot version of the UAA to 1.2.3

    joeldsa authored
    Change-Id: I67ba7463c3227d043d6c6c79825e1ea2385191a5
  2. @joeldsa

    Merge branch 'release/1.2.2' into develop

    joeldsa authored
    Change-Id: I6ccc6e9bfc6bc0e591cb1f0ff6ac343259649db0
  3. @joeldsa

    Merge branch 'release/1.2.2'

    joeldsa authored
    Change-Id: Id14158542ca0c8d15fec8af35b5eae7461543daf
  4. @joeldsa

    Bumped the version of the uaa to 1.2.2

    joeldsa authored
    Change-Id: I0d0c98f9c25de68cb459212137e72e34e2873bd4
  5. @dsyer

    [cfid-46] allow for approvals to be finer grained

    dsyer authored
    Accommodating some changes in SECOAUTH that will eventually
    allow us to track approvals per scope in the authenticated
    Change-Id: Ic8d9d00ff4d8c1559433797aaf47255fce55fed6
  6. @daleolds

    Merge "add autologin api" into develop

    daleolds authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  7. @daleolds

    Merge "restore docs" into develop

    daleolds authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  8. @daleolds

    add autologin api

    daleolds authored
    Also some bug fixes for groups
    [delivers #36271013]
    [delivers #36254029]
    Change-Id: I1267edb98aa18881c09b85a375ab859a01696f88
  9. @dsyer

    [cfid-157] Simplify JDBC query

    dsyer authored
    Change-Id: I78dcabbf9ccc6cdd333da2d63d37b4e75e6cf382
  10. @dsyer

    Merge "[cfid-161] Disable userids id translation endpoint in the uaa …

    dsyer authored Gerrit Code Review committed
    …by default" into develop
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