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Manages isolated, ephemeral, and resource controlled environments.


The project's primary goal is to provide a simple API for managing isolated environments. These isolated environments -- or containers -- can be limited in terms of CPU usage, memory usage, disk usage, and network access. As of writing, the only supported OS is Linux.


This repository contains the following components:

  • warden -- server
  • warden-protocol -- protocol definition, used by both the server and clients
  • warden-client -- client (Ruby)
  • em-warden-client -- client (Ruby's EventMachine)

For information on how to run the warden server and interact with it at the command line, see the warden server README.


warden-test-infrastructure provides a way to create a vagrant box and run warden tests.

# Checkout the repos
git clone
git clone

# Create a vagrant box
pushd warden-test-infrastructure && ./ && popd

# Run warden tests
pushd warden && ../warden-test-infrastructure/ci-build


The project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license (see the LICENSE file).


Please read the contributors' guide

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