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README change with Heroku S3 integrations

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echo "Done, go forth and chat!"
# Not too bad
+### Integrate Kandan on Heroku with your Amazon S3_BUCKET ( [Heroku article on AWS S3 to store static assets and file uploads]( ). Run the following line, replacing the the global variable values with your own:
+ heroku config:add S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID=xxx S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=xxxx S3_BUCKET=bucket_name
+If successful you should get a response similar to:
+ Setting config vars and restarting myapp... done, v12
+ S3_BUCKET: bucket_name
Your app should be up and running now. The admin email by default is `` with password `kandanadmin`, or you can sign up as another user.
## dotCloud

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