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-Kandan - [Modern Open Source Chat](
+Kandan - [Modern Open Source Chat](
The slickest chat app out there. Open-source and well-supported to boot.
-Standard Features
-These are features that work out of the box on any provider:
- * Easy deploy to CloudFoundry, Heroku, dotCloud, etc.
- * Collaborative team chat
- * Unlimited channels
- * Embed formats for images and youtube videos with requests for others (twitter, facebook, g+, etc.)
- * Synchronized sound player - play any audio-tag compatible url for the whole channel (Pending :P)
- * /me command!
- * Highly extensible plugin format
- * [Your very own robotic companion](
-## Cloud Foundry
-You'll need a [Cloud Foundry account]( and the [vmc gem]( installed. Do you `vmc target <cloud foundry host>` and `vmc login`, and then this will get you up and running:
- git clone
- cd kandan
- bundle install
- bundle exec rake assets:precompile
- vmc push my-company-chat --path . --instances 1 --mem 256M --runtime ruby19
-You'll answer a few questions:
- Application Deployed URL []:
- Detected a Rails Application, is this correct? [Yn]:
- Creating Application: OK
- Would you like to bind any services to 'my-company-chat'? [yN]: y
- Would you like to use an existing provisioned service? [yN]: n
- The following system services are available
- 1: mongodb
- 2: mysql
- 3: postgresql
- 4: rabbitmq
- 5: redis
- Please select one you wish to provision: 3
- Specify the name of the service [postgresql-246de]:
- Creating Service: OK
- Binding Service [postgresql-246de]: OK
- Uploading Application:
- Checking for available resources: OK
- Processing resources: OK
- Packing application: OK
- Uploading (1M): OK
- Push Status: OK
- Staging Application: OK
- Starting Application: OK
-And Kandan should be available on your Cloud Foundry backend now!
-## Heroku
-You'll need to have the [heroku gem]( installed and to have an existing heroku account. Assuming that, this should work reliably on Heroku:
- git clone
- cd kandan
- heroku create --stack cedar
- git push heroku master
- heroku run rake db:migrate kandan:bootstrap && heroku open
- echo "Done, go forth and chat!"
- # Not too bad
-### Integrate Kandan on Heroku with your Amazon S3_BUCKET ( [Heroku article on AWS S3 to store static assets and file uploads]( ). Run the following line, replacing the the global variable values with your own:
- heroku config:add S3_ACCESS_KEY_ID=xxx S3_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=xxxx S3_BUCKET=bucket_name
-If successful you should get a response similar to:
- Setting config vars and restarting myapp... done, v12
- S3_BUCKET: bucket_name
-Your app should be up and running now. The admin email by default is `` with password `kandanadmin`, or you can sign up as another user.
-## dotCloud
-Looking for community help here.
-## Heroic server install
-If you're looking to install Kandan on a private server, or to develop locally for lemonodor fame, then here is the path you must follow, young hero:
- # For development-mode
- sudo apt-get install nodejs # (execjs needs an execution environment)
- gem install execjs # (Could possibly be added to the gemfile in the assets group)
- # Add this to the gemfile:
- group :development do
- gem 'sqlite3'
- end
- # Get the new gems
- bundle install
- # Use the default database.yml to get started
- cp config/database.yml.sample config/database.yml
- # Edit config/database.yml if you want to use postgres/mysql
- # Bootstrap the install
- bundle exec rake db:create db:migrate kandan:bootstrap
- bundle exec thin start
-[See the issue tracker](
-Get Involved!
-That's not a question, it's an order! Or more of a friendly offer, really. Kandan is a fully open-source app, so dive in and start adding features, fixing bugs (what bugs?), and cleaning up the code.
-* Talk with us on the [mailing list](!forum/cloudfuji)
-* GitHub [issues tracker](
-* Twitter [@cloudfuji](!/cloudfuji)
-* [New-wave open-source meetup]( - we meetup once a month to share tips on how developers grow business around super high-quality open source software
-* ... is there a fifth way? Telegram maybe?
-* [Sacha Greif]( for his __amazing__ design job and exacting implementation standards on Kandan. A wonder and a pleasure to work with.
-* [Andrew Hampton]( For the initial manual server install instructions.
-* [Akash Manohar J]( For some of the initial work on Kandan
-* [Thomas Risberg]( For the Cloud Foundry install instructions and compatibility fixes.
-Kandan's code and assets are dual-licensed. Kandan is available generally under the AGPL, and also under a custom license via special agreement. See LICENSE for the AGPL terms, and contact us at []( if you're interested in development of Kandan under a custom license.
+Kandan is now run under KandanApp, please check out the official repo at

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