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A Clojure wrapper around the Firebase REST API
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Taika (大火)

A Clojure wrapper around the Firebase REST API.

Note that this is not a Firebase client in Clojure, it's just the REST API


Clojars Project


Taika tries to stay close to the wording used in the Firebase REST Documentation. Make sure that either 1.) you've read the security documentation and have configured things appropriately, or 2.) have read/write access turned on for everything while testing. Security will likely be the biggest pain while getting started.

Add Taika to you project

    (require '[taika.core :as taika]
             '[taika.auth :as taika-auth])

Create a token generator and an auth token:

    (def user-auth-token
      (let [token-generator (taika-auth/token-generator "SECRET-KEY")
            auth-data {:username "taika" :team_id 100}
            admin? false]
        (taika-auth/create-token token-generator auth-data admin?)))

See the Custom Token Generation to read more about the token structure, and the Security Auth Variable page to understand what to put in the auth-data map for Firebase's Security Rules.

Create a new entry in the Firebase database (note we're using 10 as the customer's id/handle here):

    (taika/write! "db-name" "/customers" {10 {:name "Samuel Calans"}} user-auth-token)
    ; => {"10" {"name" "Samuel Calans"}}

The user-auth-token is optional, and only needed if your security rules require it, for example with reading data:

    (taika/read "db-name" "/customers/10")
    ; => {"name" "Samuel Calans"}

Update (merge) a given entry:

     (taika/update! "db-name" "/customers" {10 {:name "Samuel Hayes" :area "SF"}} user-auth-token)
     ; => {"10" {"name" "Samuel Hayes" :area "SF"}} 

Push to a list (see "Lists of Data":

     (taika/push! "db-name" "/example-lists" {:firebase true} user-auth-token)
     ; => {"name" "-IoZ3DZlTTQIkR0c7iVK"}

Destructively update (replace) an entry:

     (taika/write! "db-name" "/customers" {10 {:name "Noah Maranchi"}} user-auth-token)
     ; => {"10" {:name "Noah Maranchi"}}

Destroy data:

    (taika/destroy! "db-name" "/customers/10" user-auth-token)
    ; => nil

Finally, you can update the security rules from Taika as well. Given a Clojure map, Taika will replace the ENTIRE rule document with it. This method requires your secret key as well. Be careful with this!

    (taike/update-rules! "db-name" "SECRET-KEY" {:rules {:customers
                                                          {:write true
                                                           :read true}}})


  • Use clj-http's connection pooling to speed up serial requests. Right now it's not too slow, but could be faster.
  • Write tests - not sure how to approach this for a purely 3rd-party wrapper. Any suggestions/pull-requests readily welcome.


Copyright © 2013 Bushido Inc

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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