minimal erlang/OTP rebar template
Erlang Shell



           a basic erlang/OTP application skeleton

This is a minimal erlang/OTP app, with everything you need to get up and
running. It tries to follow best practices, while providing everything necessary
to start development.
Compared to rebar's "create-app", erlapp is much more complete. It includes
the following files and folders:
      ebin/                % .app and .beam files
      deps/                % dependencies
      | start              % startup script
      | start.args         % startup arguments
      priv/                % application-specific files
      |     % template
      | erlapp.erl         % entry-point
      | erlapp_app.erl     % application
      | erlapp_sup.erl     % supervisor
      | erlapp_server.erl  % gen_server

erlapp also comes with the sync <> utility,
which recompiles and reloads changed code. 


Make sure you have the latest version of rebar installed, then clone this
repo into ~/rebar/templates.

    $ mkdir -p ~/.rebar/templates
    $ cd ~/.rebar/templates
    $ git clone --recursive git://


Create the app skeleton, set `appid` to the app name

    $ rebar create template=erlapp appid=myapp

Build the application

    $ make all

Start the development console

    $ dev/start

Modules should get recompiled/reloaded when their source is changed. You can also
compile the whole project with `make`. Check the Makefile for additional commands.