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simple & fast javascript syntax highlighting for the browser

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fix command line check to allow for jquery-like snippets

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hijs is a dead-simple syntax highlighter for JavaScript code on the browser.

By default, it highlights everything inside <code> blocks.

If you have command-line snippets, such as:

$ ls -l > /dev/null

it will skip those, cause they ain't no JavaScript.


Put this at the end of your <body>:

<script src="hijs.js"></script>

If you would like to specify what gets highlighted, set the global hijs variable before you include the script:

window.hijs = '.highlight';


Code extract from http-console, highlighted by hijs:



hijs is a simple solution to a potentially complicated problem. It won't fit all your needs, but if what you're trying to achieve is simple enough, hijs might be the tool for you.


hijs wraps tokens in <span> tags. You can style them like so:

code .keyword              { font-weight: bold }
code .string, code .regexp { color: green }
code .class, code .special { color: blue }
code .number               { color: pink }
code .comment              { color: grey }

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