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ejmr commented Jun 7, 2013

These three commits add support for three standard HTTP/1.1 methods that are not recognized by http-console:

  1. PATCH
  2. TRACE

The branch tries to address the issues:

ejmr added some commits Jun 7, 2013
@ejmr ejmr Refactor the test for HTTP methods
Currently http-console uses a regular expression to determine if the
user enters a valid HTTP method.  This patch replaces that regular
expression with a function call, a function that dynamically builds
that regular expression.  The benefit to this approach is that is
allows us to more easily add support for additional methods
(e.g. TRACE) while avoiding potential merge conflicts, as each HTTP
method appears on a separate line instead of the single line of the
original regular expression.

This new function only understands the HTTP methods that were part of
the original regular expression.  The inclusion of new methods will
follow this refactoring.
@ejmr ejmr Add support for the PATCH method
Credit for this change properly belongs to László Bácsi
<lackac@lackac.hu> who submitted a pull request to the http-console
GitHub repository that adds support for PATCH.  The only change I made
to his commit is to make PATCH a part of the new isHTTPMethod()
function instead of adding it to the old regular expression.

GitHub-Issue: 43
@ejmr ejmr Teach http-console to recognize the TRACE and CONNECT methods
This patch adds support for those two methods as described in Section
9 of the HTTP/1.1 standard (RFC 2616).

GitHub-Issue: 27
@ejmr ejmr closed this Feb 24, 2015
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