0.6 compatibility #18

merged 4 commits into from Dec 9, 2011

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Main changes:

  • removed references to mutable require.paths,
  • replaced/removed references to sys,
  • made the example work,
  • a bit of refactoring (unused requires).

Test and example still work on node v0.4.12.

mmalecki added some commits Oct 23, 2011
@mmalecki mmalecki [v0.6] Remove `require.paths` and `sys` from library 88e66db
@mmalecki mmalecki [v0.6 test] Remove `require.paths` and `sys` from tests 12cbc46
@mmalecki mmalecki [refactor] Remove unused `require`s c6c05bd
@mmalecki mmalecki [example refactor v0.6] Make example work

  * Remove `require.paths` and `sys` reference
  * `router.route` -> `router.handle`
  * Remove unused `path` `require`
  * Use `router.map`
  * Callbacks take (`req`, `res`), not just (`res`)

Thanks for this patch. Quick question, what version of Node.JS is Journey intended for now? Can't find it anywhere.


It works perfectly on node <= v0.4, but fails on anything newer than that (node v0.5.x and node v0.6.x).


Weird, Cause I was trying it with Node version 0.4.7 and it still wasn't working. Might have been my environment. O well.

Anyways, I have been woking with your updated branch, mmalecki:0.6-compatibility and everything has been working as expected. Thanks for updating the module!

@mmalecki mmalecki referenced this pull request in vowsjs/api-easy Nov 23, 2011

Use director instead of journey #17

@indexzero indexzero merged commit c8d219d into cloudhead:master Dec 9, 2011

Is there any chance to release and deploy Journey with this pull request ?






awesome, thanks!



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