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Fuzzy file finding for neovim, via fzy[1].


. Rationale

  To my knowledge, fzy delivers the best results out of all fuzzy finders,
  including fzf, ctrl-p, command-t and unite. This is due to the advanced scoring


. Requirements

  * neovim >= 0.1.5
  * fzy
  * rg[1] or ag[2] >= 0.33.0


. Installation

  Install `fzy` via your package manager, or check
  for instructions.

  If you're using vim-plug, add this to your vimrc:

      Plug 'cloudhead/neovim-fuzzy'

  You can also copy the contents of this directory into your .vim folder.

. Usage

  Add something like this to your vimrc:

      nnoremap <C-p> :FuzzyOpen<CR>

  Then hit <Ctrl-P> to open the finder. Hit <Enter> to jump to the selected file
  and <Esc> to close the pane. You may also navigate the file list with <Ctrl-N>
  and <Ctrl-P>. See the fzy documentation for the full list of key bindings.

  When no input is given, fuzzy shows the alternate buffer (also known as '#'),
  followed by other open buffers, followed by all other files.

  Fuzzy also lets you search within files, via the :FuzzyGrep command. You can
  use it on its own, or pass it an expression to search.