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    `rx` is a modern and minimalist pixel editor.

  Designed with great care and love
    with pixel artists and animators in mind.


  `rx` is an extensible, modern and minimalist pixel editor implemented
  in rust[0]. rx is free software, licensed under the GPLv3.

  Most of the information on how to use rx is on the website: There, you can also find a user guide
  (, installation instructions,
  and binary download links.

  For discussions, join the community:

  To build rx from source, see the build sections below.

  Once inside rx, enter the `:help` command to get a list of key bindings
  and commands.



  At a minimum, OpenGL 3.3 support is required.


  * rust (
  * cmake (

  On macOS, `Xcode` and the `Xcode Command Line Tools` are required.
  The latter can be obtained by running `xcode-select --install`
  CMake can be installed with `brew install cmake`.


  Before proceeding, make sure the BUILD DEPENDENCIES have been installed.

  Then, clone this repository and from its root, run:

    $ cargo install --locked --path .

  This will install rx under `~/.cargo/bin/rx`.  If you prefer a different
  install location, you can specify it via the `--root <prefix>` flag, where
  <prefix> is for example '/usr/local'.


  See the CONTRIBUTING file for details. Contributions are appreciated.


  See the guide at


  If something isn't working like it's supposed to, there are various things
  you can do to debug the problem:

  * Run `rx` with verbose logging, by using the `-v` command-line flag. This
    will log errors from the underlying libraries that are usually suppressed,
    and will show debug output that might indicate what the problem is.
  * If `rx` is crashing, run it with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` set in your environment
    to show a backtrace on crash.
  * It could be that the issue is related to your configuration - in that case
    the program can be run without loading the initialization script like so:

        rx -u -


  This software is licensed under the GPL. See the LICENSE file for more details.


  (c) 2019 Alexis Sellier