a stateless service runner inspired by runit
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    A service runner inspired by runsv.

. background

  A common need encountered when running services on a unix system is
  to pipe the output of one service into the input of another, (often
  a log service such as `svlogd`). This looks something like this:


      service | log-service

  There are several problems with this approach, however:

    * There is no monitoring: if either of the services die,
      they aren't restarted.
    * It's hard to inspect the state of the process pair,
      especially if it goes down.
    * Even if the script is restarted when either of the services
      fails, this means the log service will cause a restart of the
      other service if it dies.
    * There is no single entry point to managing the process pair.

  spinsv aims to solve these shortcomings by monitoring the processes
  and providing a TCP console to access or change the process state.

. rationale

  To have a completely stateless[1] service runner configurable via
  the command line.

  1. spinsv doesn't need file system access for configuration
     or operation.

. building

  $ make

. running

  $ spind --port 80

  For spinsv, see 'spinsv --help'

. example

  Start the spind daemon on a remote host

    $ ssh
    $ spinsv --in.cmd  spind      \
             --in.arg '--port=80' \
             --out.cmd svlogd     \
             --out.arg /var/run/spind

  Spawn a service via spind's HTTP interface. spinsv will open
  a TCP control socket on port 9898.

    $ curl -X POST -d \
        '{"service": {"cmd": "redis-server", "args": []},
          "logger":  {"cmd": "svlogd", "args": ["/var/run/redis/log"]},
          "port":    9898}'

  The service runs under spinsv, we can verify that it is running:

    $ netcat 9898
    > status
    up 0 0
    > q

    $ redis-cli -h info

. copyright

  (C) 2012 Alexis Sellier <alexis@cloudhead.io>