Reference-style links broken in summaries #18

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Links using the reference-style formatting...

This is [a link][1].
... rest of article

...are broken on summary views because the bottom of the article is truncated before being processed by Markdown.


cloudhead commented Feb 7, 2010

Hmm interesting — this will probably require some extra preprocessing to get right.


evaryont commented Mar 14, 2010

I've fixed this in my fork of dorothy (called mindtables) - evaryont@mindtables/0054653bfbba57589ee01fa762edfa37c10eb5d8 - but look at future commits, as that one is incomplete.

The general idea is to call Nokogiri on the parsed HTML, find the first element, and use that. It could be refined to only use the first <p> tag, but I like it this way.

ixti commented Aug 10, 2011

The problem is because markdown parser is called on "summary", not on whole article text, so when summary was cropped there are no bottom links definitions of course. The easiest workaround (which I found the best option for me) is do it like this:

Blalala in da mix Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing
elit. Mauris facilisis justo eu nunc tristique nec pulvinar diam dapibus.
Mauris sit amet nunc quis lorem egestas blandit vitae at erat. Morbi
consequat molestie ligula ac euismod. Cras velit eros, tempor vitae
facilisis vel, fringilla non ligula. Sed venenatis porttitor tellus, ut
pharetra nunc vehicula non. Sed scelerisque sem in ante ultrices eget
congue quam viverra. Praesent quis sem urna, vitae ornare justo. Donec
tristique, erat id pellentesque consectetur, lorem mauris feugiat mi, et
iaculis arcu felis a enim. Aliquam erat volutpat. Quisque imperdiet
dapibus erat in tincidunt. Proin ut nulla diam, ut condimentum tortor.


The rest of article comes here ...


ixti commented Aug 13, 2011

Might be resolved by #97

ixti commented Aug 13, 2011

@cloudhead, please, take look on #97, if it's OK, then this issue can be closed.

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