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i know toto was built for editing text files directly, im just wondering if there's any wysiwyg contributed community that can open and edit these text files via an interface?

Im sure some people are put off by editing a text file directly especially those non-techy comign from wordpress.


Toto is a blog for hackers. And basically being able simply edit posts as plain text in markdown was one of most important things to me. I believe that ins some way, toto is absolutely not replacement for WordPress. More than that, toto is just a blog, not blogging platform, so WYSIWYG editor is not suitable here. The only place where this editor might become suitable is dorothy. So you can extend config.ru there to switch different layouts for running locally (with editor) and running public server (normal layout). Then you'll put jquery based wysiwyg editor in templates and add some small rack middleware that will do the job. But that will be on the dorothy side :)) anyway.

Anyway you can use your favorite editor with these simple text files, if you are not OK with writing MarkDown directly, you can use for example this python based WYSIWYG markdown editor: http://codeboje.de/wysiwyg-markdown-editor/

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