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A tool to automate network testing tools, like iperf3, in dynamic environments such as Kubernetes and more to come dynamic environments.


TL;DR A network test tool, like iperf3 can be run in, e.g., Kubernetes, cluster from all-to-all Nodes.

  • Run network tests with the following projects:
    • iperf3
    • Soon other tools will be available as well, like smokeping.
  • Tests can be run through the following "runners":
    • Ansible (an inventory file is needed)
    • Kubernetes (a kubeconfig connected to a cluster)
  • Results of the network tests can be output in different formats:
    • CSV
    • Dump (uses pp.Sprint() (GitHub k0kubun/pp, dump pretty print library))
    • Excel files (Excelize)
    • go-chart Charts (WIP)
    • MySQL
    • SQLite


Either build (go get) or download the Ancientt executable.

A config file containing test definitions must be given by flag --testdefinition (or short flag -c) or named testdefinition.yaml in the current directory.

Below command will try loading your-testdefinitions.yaml as the test definitions config:

# You can also use the short flag `-c
ancientt --testdefinition your-testdefinitions.yaml


See Demos.

Goals of this Project

  • A bit like Prometheus blackbox exporter which contains "definitions" for probes. The "tests" would be pluggable through a Golang interface.
  • "Runner" interface, e.g., for Kubernetes, Ansible, etc. The "runner" abstracts the "how it is run", e.g., for Kubernetes creates a Job, Ansible (download and) trigger a playbook to run the test.
  • Store result data in different formats, e.g., CSV, excel, MySQL
    • Up for discussion: graph database (Dgraph) and / or TSDB support
  • "Visualization" for humans, e.g., possibility to automatically draw "shiny" graphs from the results.


Golang version: v1.13 or higher (tested with v1.13.3 on linux/amd64)


go mod is used to manage the depeendencies.


Quickest way to just get ancientt built is to run the following command:

go get -u


Ancientt is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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