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Cloudify ARIA Extensions

This repository provides ARIA with support for running Cloudify-based plugins. Using an adapter that serves as a translation layer between the Cloudify and ARIA APIs, ARIA is able to make use of plugins that were designed to work with Cloudify.


  1. clone the repository

git clone

  1. install the requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

  1. install Cloudify ARIA extensions. This installs the adapter, and it should be done in the same environment in which ARIA is installed:

pip install .

  1. (optional, for developing purposes) install the test requirements:

pip install -r aria_extension_tests/requirements.txt

Using the adapter, ARIA is expected to support any Cloudify plugin. However, depending on their implementation, some plugins may not work out-of-the-box with ARIA, and small adapter modifications may be need.

Specifically, The Cloudify AWS Plugin 1.4.10 and the Cloudify Openstack Plugin 2.0.1 were explicitly translated and tested using the adapter. Newer versions are expected to work as well.

Installing a plugin

In order to use any Cloudify plugin, you'll need to install it using a .wgn (wagon) file. For CentOS or RHEL, you can obtain the plugin .wgn from the Cloudify plugin downloads page.

After obtaining the .wgn, you can install the plugin:

aria plugins install <path to .wgn>

Another, more generic way, of obtaining a plugin .wgn is to create it from source. Here's an example, using the AWS plugin:

  1. clone/download the Cloudify AWS Plugin:

git clone

  1. (optional) if you want to install a specific version of the plugin, checkout the corresponding tag.

git checkout <version number>

  1. create a .wgn file from the repository:

wagon create <path to plugin repository>