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A repository for all cli fabric tasks
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Cloudify's CLI provides an interface to running premade fabric tasks on the management server.

As fabric is one of the cli's dependencies, you don't have to install it separately.

Note that the functions don't have to be decorated with the @task decorator as they're directly called from the cli's code just like any other python function.

cfy dev --tasks-file -v my_task --arg1=something --arg2=otherthing ...
cfy dev -v my_task arg1_value arg2_value ...

--tasks-file can be omitted if a file exists in your current working directory.

So for instance, if you want to echo something in your currently running manager, all you have to do is supply a file with the following:

from fabric.api import run

def echo(text):
    run('echo {0}'.format(text))

and then run:

cfy dev echo something!

Note that the dev command doesn't appear in cfy by default when running cfy -h. You can run cfy dev -h for a command reference.

Cloudify provides a tasks [repo]({{ page.cli_fabric_tasks_repo }}) from which users can obtain tasks and to which developers should contribute for the benefit of all.

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