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Documentation of the Cloudify REST API in Slate style
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Cloudify REST API Docs

The Cloudify REST API documentation is built with Hugo and is based on the DocuAPI theme and Slate.

The documentation is available in the REST API section of the Cloudify Documentation Center.


Installing the Cloudify Documentation Center

To run the Cloudify Documentation Center locally:

  1. Install the latest Hugo:

    • On CentOS:

      1. Install the copr plugin for yum: sudo yum install yum-plugin-copr
      2. Enable the Hugo repository: sudo yum copr enable daftaupe/hugo
      3. Install Hugo: sudo yum install hugo
    • On Ubuntu:

      • Install Hugo: sudo apt-get install hugo
    • On Windows:

      1. Install chocolatey.
      2. Install Hugo: choco install hugo -confirm
    • On MacOS:

      1. Install homebrew
      2. Install Hugo: brew install hugo
  2. Verify that Hugo is installed: hugo version

  3. Clone this repository to your local host.

  4. Change directory to the cloudify-rest-docs directory.

  5. Start the hugo web server: hugo server

To access the site, go to: http://localhost:1313


The documentation for the latest version of the REST API is published from the master branch to<latest_version>/.

The documentation for older version of the REST API is published from the version branch to<version>/.

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