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Cloudify Hello World Example

This blueprint deploys a python webserver that says "hello world", with a cute Cloudify logo.


Tested with:

  • Cloudify 4.3.1

Pre-installation steps

Please note the following requirement for manager configuration.

This example requires configuration of multiple management (agent) networks upon installation of your Cloudify Manager.

The required name of the agent network is external, and should map to a public IP address. For example:

[centos@ip-10-10-4-47 ~]$ sudo grep "networks" /etc/cloudify/config.yaml 
    networks: {default:, external:}

Upload the required plugins:

Check the blueprint for the latest version of the plugin.

Install the relevant example network blueprint for the IaaS that you wish to deploy on:


On your Cloudify Manager, navigate to Local Blueprints select Upload.

Right-click and copy URL. Paste the URL where it says Enter blueprint url. Provide a blueprint name, such as hello-world in the field labeled blueprint name.

Select the blueprint for the relevant IaaS you wish to deploy on, for example openstack.yaml from Blueprint filename menu. Click Upload.

After the new blueprint has been created, click the Deploy button.

Navigate to Deployments, find your new deployment, select Install from the workflow's menu. At this stage, you may provide your own values for any of the default deployment inputs.


Navigate to the deployment and select Uninstall. When the uninstall workflow is finished, select Delete deployment.