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Simple Kubernetes Blueprint

This blueprint installs a Kubernetes Cluster with the Cloudify Kubernetes Provider. See documentation.

Generic "Baremetal" Example

You can deploy this blueprint on baremetal.


You need 3 separate machines, each with:

  • Network access and download ability.
  • Must be accessible via SSH
  • A agent_key_private secret containing the private key for the user Cloudify will authenticate with. Make sure that this private key value matches a public key in the authorized keys of each of the VMs.

The two kubernetes nodes accessible in k8s_node_host_ip and public_master_ip must have been setup with the script in scripts/ Make sure to override usermod -aG docker ec2-user in that file.


cfy install \ \
    -n baremetal.yaml -i agent_user=ec2-user \
    -i k8s_node_host_ip= \
    -i public_master_ip= \
    -i k8s_load_host_ip= \
    -i \
    -b kubernetes

You can use these steps to simulate a baremetal environment with pre-prepared VMs:

# Add the following environment variables:

export AWS_CENTOS_AMI=ami-b937f4d6
export AWS_INSTANCE_TYPE=t2.medium
export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=eu-central-1
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=**********
export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=**********
export AWS_TEST_KEY=agent_key_private
export AWS_SECURITY_GROUP=sg-001abc6c
export AWS_SUBNET_ID=subnet-dfa3dfa2

Install one Load Balancer VM:
aws ec2 run-instances \
    --image-id $AWS_CENTOS_AMI \
    --instance-type $AWS_INSTANCE_TYPE \
    --key-name $AWS_TEST_KEY \
    --subnet-id $AWS_SUBNET_ID \
    --associate-public-ip-address \
    --tag-specifications 'ResourceType=instance,Tags=[{Key=Name,Value=lb}]'

# Install two Kubernetes VMs:
aws ec2 run-instances \
    --image-id $AWS_CENTOS_AMI \
    --instance-type $AWS_INSTANCE_TYPE \
    --key-name $AWS_TEST_KEY \
    --subnet-id $AWS_SUBNET_ID \
    --associate-public-ip-address \
    --user-data file:// \
    --tag-specifications 'ResourceType=instance,Tags=[{Key=Name,Value=k8s}]'