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v0.1: Implement minimal functionality for create network and virtual machine
based on embeded template.
v0.2: Add arm support and autogenerate mac addresses in examples
v0.3: Fix network validation and use virtio devices in embeded templates
* Add cluster example with external ip support
* Add backup/restore suport for vm
* Support for statistics workflow
v0.4.1: Add support for disk/network backup/snapshots
* Support for reuse external network
* Support for kvm virtualization in embeded examples
* Support for dump full vm snapshot to fs on backup
* Update start action for fill in `network` in vm runtime properties
* Cluster Example: Automatically add libvirt host to trusted
* Support for reuse external vm
* move use_external_resource to top of instance properties
* add `update` action for sync vm size to values from runtime properties.
* rename `memory_size` to `memory_maxsize`
* Support storage pool creation.
* Rename `params.resource_id` to ``.
* Support creation snapshot on external resources.
* Support storage volume creation.
* Fix volume wipe code.
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