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Cloudinary .NET SDK


The Cloudinary .NET SDK allows you to quickly and easily integrate your application with Cloudinary. Effortlessly optimize, transform, upload and manage your cloud's assets.


This Readme provides basic installation and usage information. For the complete documentation, see the .NET SDK Guide.

Table of Contents

Key Features

Version Support

SDK Version .NET Framework 4.5.2 - 4.8 .NET Standard 1.3 and up .NET Core .NET 5 .NET 6
1.x v v v v v


CloudinaryDotNet is available as NuGet package CloudinaryDotNet

Install using Package Manager:

PM> Install-Package CloudinaryDotNet



using CloudinaryDotNet;
using CloudinaryDotNet.Actions;

var cloudinary = new Cloudinary();

Transform and Optimize Assets

var url = cloudinary.Api.UrlImgUp.Transform(new Transformation().Width(100).Height(150).Crop("fill")).BuildUrl("sample.jpg")


var uploadParams = new ImageUploadParams()
    File = new FileDescription(@"c:\mypicture.jpg")

var uploadResult = cloudinary.Upload(uploadParams);

Code Samples

You can find our simple and ready-to-use samples projects, along with documentations in the samples folder.

Please consult with the README file, for usage and explanations.

Security options


  • Ensure tests run locally
  • Open a PR and ensure Travis tests pass

Get Help

If you run into an issue or have a question, you can either:

About Cloudinary

Cloudinary is a powerful media API for websites and mobile apps alike, Cloudinary enables developers to efficiently manage, transform, optimize, and deliver images and videos through multiple CDNs. Ultimately, viewers enjoy responsive and personalized visual-media experiences—irrespective of the viewing device.

Additional Resources


Released under the MIT license.