cloudinary:sync_static for non-image assets? #27

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I'm not sure where to post this, so asking here.

Is it possible to use the cloudinary gem to sync css/js in addition to images using sync_static?


I would also find it very convenient if that rake task would also upload and handle the css and javascript files.


Plus one.


Huge Plus one on this as well.


I would also like to see this.

The uploader and asset helpers already seem well suited for achieving this -- in fact there are many places in the code where there is "if not an image asset, use original path" logic. This could simply be removed and the different types of paths accommodated.

i managed to hack the uploader to upload css and js, but was defeated while trying to get the unholy mess that is utils.rb to accommodate the asset paths.

If you are open to this functionality I could contribute code, and I imagine some other folks in this thread would also contribute/test.

Let us know if you are interested!


Automatic syncing of JS and CSS is currently not supported. You can manually upload JS and CSS files to Cloudinary, but no seamless integration with Rails Asset Pipeline is available for delivery of such files. It's in the road-map though.

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