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# Copyright (C) 2013 Cloudius Systems, Ltd.
# This work is open source software, licensed under the terms of the
# BSD license as described in the LICENSE file in the top-level directory.
#include "processor-flags.h"
#define BOOT_CR0 ( X86_CR0_PE \
| X86_CR0_WP \
| X86_CR0_PG )
#define BOOT_CR4 ( X86_CR4_DE \
| X86_CR4_PSE \
| X86_CR4_PAE \
| X86_CR4_PGE \
| X86_CR4_PCE \
| X86_CR4_OSFXSR \
.align 4096
.global ident_pt_l4
# The addresses of the paging tables have to be the physical ones, so we have to
# manually subtract OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT in all relevant places
.quad ident_pt_l3 + 0x67 - OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT
.rept 511
.quad 0
#if OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT != 0x40000000 && OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT != 0
#error This code only works correctly for OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT = 0x40000000 or 0
# Each of the 512 entries in this table maps the very 1st 512 GiB of
# virtual address space 1 GiB at a time
# The very 1st entry maps 1st GiB 1:1 by pointing to ident_pt_l2 table
# that specifies addresses of every one of 512 2MiB slots of physical memory
.quad ident_pt_l2 + 0x67 - OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT
# The 2nd entry maps 2nd GiB to the same 1st GiB of physical memory by pointing
# to the same ident_pt_l2 table as the 1st entry above
# This way we effectively provide correct mapping for the kernel linked
# to start at 1 GiB + 2 MiB (0x40200000) in virtual memory and point to
# 2 MiB address (0x200000) where it starts in physical memory
.quad ident_pt_l2 + 0x67 - OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT
.rept 510
.quad 0
index = 0
.rept 512
.quad (index << 21) + 0x1e7
index = index + 1
.short gdt_end - gdt - 1
# subtract OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT because when gdt_desc is referenced, the memory is mapped 1:1
# Set up the 64-bit compatible version of GDT description structure
# that points to the same GDT (Global segments Descriptors Table) and
# is used in vmlinux_entry64 to switch back to the protected (32-bit) mode
# from long mode (64-bit).
# Please note the address of the GDT is a 8-bytes-long field instead of
# 4-bytes only in regular 32 version (gdt_desc)
.align 8
.short gdt_end - gdt - 1
# subtract OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT because when gdt64_desc is referenced, the memory is mapped 1:1
.align 8
gdt = . - 8
.quad 0x00af9b000000ffff # 64-bit code segment
.quad 0x00cf93000000ffff # 64-bit data segment
.quad 0x00cf9b000000ffff # 32-bit code segment
gdt_end = .
.globl gdt64_desc
.align 8
. = . + 4 # make sure tss_ist is aligned on a quad boundary
.align 16
. = . + 4096*10
init_stack_top = .
.globl start32
.globl start32_from_vmlinuz
.globl start32_from_64
mov $0x0, %edi
# Because the memory is mapped 1:1 at this point, we have to manualy
# subtract OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT from virtual addresses in all relevant places
lgdt gdt_desc-OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT
# Add an address the vmlinux_entry64 will jump to when
# switching from 64-bit to 32-bit mode
mov $0x10, %eax
mov %eax, %ds
mov %eax, %es
mov %eax, %fs
mov %eax, %gs
mov %eax, %ss
ljmp $0x18, $1f-OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT
and $~7, %esp
# Enable PAE (Physical Address Extension) - ability to address 64GB
# TODO: Add more comments to processor-flags.h what each flag does
mov $BOOT_CR4, %eax
mov %eax, %cr4
# Set root of a page table in cr3
lea ident_pt_l4, %eax
# The address of the root paging table has to be physical
# so substract OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT from ident_pt_l4
mov %eax, %cr3
# Set long mode
mov $0xc0000080, %ecx // EFER MSR number
mov $0x00000900, %eax // Set LME = 1
xor %edx, %edx
wrmsr // Write contents of EDX:EAX (0:to Model Specific Register specified by ECX register
# Activate paging and ...?
# TODO: Add more comments to processor-flags.h what each flag does
mov $BOOT_CR0, %eax
mov %eax, %cr0
ljmpl $8, $start64
.global start64
.cfi_startproc simple
.cfi_def_cfa %rsp, 0
.cfi_undefined %rip
# Check for non-zero value in RDI register to detect if
# it contains the address of the boot_params structure
# that would be set if we came here from vmlinux_entry64
cmp $0x0, %rdi
jz detect_pvh_boot
call extract_linux_boot_params
mov $0x1000, %rbx
mov hvm_xen_start_info, %rdi
cmp $0x0, %rdi
jz start64_continue
call hvm_xen_extract_boot_params
mov $0x1000, %rbx
lea .bss, %rdi
lea .edata, %rcx
sub %rdi, %rcx
xor %eax, %eax
rep stosb
mov $OSV_KERNEL_BASE, %rbp
mov %rbp, elf_header
# %ebx is set by boot16.S before running the loader
mov %rbx, osv_multiboot_info
lea init_stack_top, %rsp
call premain
mov __loader_argc, %edi
mov __loader_argv, %rsi
call main
# The smp trampoline must be in the lower 1MB, so we manually relocate
# it to address 0 by subtracting smpboot from any offset
.global smpboot
lgdtl smpboot_gdt_desc-smpboot
mov smpboot_cr0-smpboot, %eax
btr $31, %eax # disable paging
mov %eax, %cr0
ljmp $0x18, $1f-smpboot
mov $0x10, %eax
mov %eax, %ds
mov %eax, %es
mov %eax, %ss
mov %eax, %fs
mov %eax, %gs
mov smpboot_cr4-smpboot, %eax
mov %eax, %cr4
lea ident_pt_l4, %eax
mov %eax, %cr3
mov smpboot_efer-smpboot, %eax
mov smpboot_efer+4-smpboot, %edx
btr $10, %eax
mov $0xc0000080, %ecx
mov smpboot_cr0-smpboot, %eax
#1: jmp 1b
mov %eax, %cr0 # now with paging
ljmp $8, $smpboot64
.short gdt_end - gdt - 1
.global smpboot_cr0
.long 0
.global smpboot_cr4
.long 0
.global smpboot_efer
.quad 0
.global smpboot_end
smpboot_end = .
.global smpboot_cr3
smpboot_cr3: .quad 0
.global smp_stack_free
smp_stack_free: .quad 0
# 'ltr' expects an available TSS, then marks it busy, so only one
# can be loaded at a time
trlock: .byte 0
mov smpboot_cr3, %rax
mov %rax, %cr3
mov smp_stack_free, %rax
mov 4096(%rax), %rbx
lock cmpxchg %rbx, smp_stack_free
jnz 1b
lea 4096(%rax), %rsp
call smp_main