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# Copyright (C) 2019 Waldemar Kozaczuk
# This work is open source software, licensed under the terms of the
# BSD license as described in the LICENSE file in the top-level directory.
.global vmlinux_entry64
# The address of the boot_params structure is passed in the RSI
# register so store it in RDI register so that it can be received
# by the extract_linux_boot_params fuction later
mov %rsi, %rdi
# Load the 64-bit version of the GDT
# Because the memory is mapped 1:1 at this point, we have to manualy
# subtract OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT from the gdt address
lgdt gdt64_desc-OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT
# Setup the stack to switch back to 32-bit mode in order
# to converge with the code that sets up transiton to 64-bit mode later.
# Switching back to 32-bit when we are already in 64-bit seems
# counter intuitive but in fact it allows us to remove code duplication
# around setting up 64-bit mode of CPU the OSv-way. Besides setting up
# paging and other control registers this also makes sure that the segment
# registers are setup correctly as well.
# The transition from 64-bit back to 32-bit mode is unfortunately not very
# well documented. For details please read
# In short we need to push the 32-bit code segment descriptor GDT offset (0x18)
# and the address of the instruction (start32_from_64) we want to jump to
# The lret instruction pops the address and the segment descriptor and jumpt
# to start32_from_64 which is where the boot process converges.
subq $8, %rsp
movl $0x18, 4(%rsp)
movl $start32_from_64-OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT, %eax # Because memory is mapped 1:1 subtract OSV_KERNEL_VM_SHIFT
movl %eax, (%rsp)