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Cassandra quickstart on OSv with KVM

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You can follow the GettingStarted page from the Cassandra Wiki with a few modifications.

0. Install prerequisites and clone the OSv repository

Follow the instructions in the OSv README.

1. Install Cassandra

The OSv build process will automatically download Cassandra when you build a Cassandra image:

make image=cassandra

By default, you will get a QCOW2 image at build/release/usr.img. Important: as of Cassandra 2.0.3 and OSv 0.06-rc1, this is only about 158MB in size. The build is not broken. OSv images really are that small.

2. Cassandra configuration

Java and Cassandra configuration are in the file apps/cassandra/start-cassandra in the OSv repo. You can modify the defaults there.

(You may need to edit the -Xss option in start-cassandra if it hasn't been fixed in the version you have.)

3. Start Cassandra

Run the startup script:

sudo apps/cassandra/start-cassandra

(The sudo is required in order to set up networking.)

4. Using cqlsh

By default, the OSv guest starts with the IP address, so you can complete the rest of the GettingStarted instructions with this cqlsh command:

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