Formatting and sending patches

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You commit locally to your git tree and then prepare patches that you send to the mailing list.

First, make your name and email address are configured for git:

$ git config "Your Name"
$ git config ""

Also configure git to detect renames and copies to make git format-patch output easier to review:

git config --global diff.renames copies

Then, make your modifications in your own private branch:

$ git checkout -b features/foo # branches from master

To commit changes, do:

$ git commit -a -s # commit everything, signoff the patches

Please prepare a commit message for every commit:

The sign-off procedure is explained here:

Once you have commits you want to send out, use git format-patch to generate them.

for a single patch:

$ git format-patch -1

For multiple patches, use:

$ git format-patch -n --cover-letter master

If you need to send more than one revision of the patch, please remember to use patch versioning:

$ git format-patch <-1 | -n --cover-letter master> --subject-prefix="PATCH v2"

Verify the generated patch files and then use git send-email to send them out:

$ git send-email --to 00*.patch

You can find information on how to configure git to use gmail here:

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