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OSv Release 0.17

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We are pleased to announce the release of OSv 0.17 Release. Please note this is not the Beta release, which is only available via registration

Release 0.17 is focused on bug fixes, a few samples below:

  • Capstan build hangs during the upload files stage - make sure to get the latest Capstan version.
  • keyboard and terminal related bugs
  • shutdown process bugs solved

A new architecture feature is the use of HTTP server plugins. HTTP plugins allows application specific REST API, for example JVM APIs, to be included only when required. Building a more application specific API is now easier, contributions are welcome!

Get the new release

Images of the new release are available at and using capstan search

EC2 community AMI are available here

Full List of contributions

Asheesh Laroia (1):
      Add line breaks to CODINGSTYLE

Bas Wegh (2):
      Add support for waking up only a given amount of threads
      vga: Initialize history from current screen

KANATSU Minoru (3):
      Http server: load plugin module in
      cli: Change to use from /api/api-docs.json to /api-doc in api command
      Http server: remove api-doc/api-docs.json

Nadav Har'El (17):
      Take fcvt.c from musl instead of our modified copy
      Use two libc/time files from musl
      Eliminate libc/dirent directory
      Fix missing wakeup in VGA driver
      Initialize shift state in keyboard driver
      Fix spurious input in PS/2 keyboard driver
      VGA: do not answer status report escape sequence
      cli.c: handle bizarre response from qemu's broken terminal emulator
      Implement fchmod()
      makefile: don't think version.h changed every time
      Fix more cases of OSv crashing on shutdown
      osv::application: use a simple list instead of Boost's signal2
      sched: add thread unsafe_stop() method
      osv::application: add unsafe_stop_and_abandon_other_threads() delete the JVM even in error cases allow OSv to poweroff when Java is done
      Fix bug in tests/

Nehal J Wani (2):
      cli: Add timezone to os_date api response
      cli: Fix 'api network route' output

Oleg Sadov (1):
      RHEL-based distros support

Paweł Dziepak (2):
      sched: kernel threads shouldn't keep reference to any app
      core: wait for detached threads at application::join()

Pekka Enberg (13):
      include/api: Migrate to upstream musl headers
      apps: update to latest
      runtime: Remove duplicate libintl.h include
      httpserver/osv-gui: update to latest
      monitoring-agent: Fix Boost ASIO error handling
      apps: update to latest
      apps: update to latest Support for multiple virtual NICs
      httpserver/osv-gui: update to latest
      apps: update to latest
      apps: update to latest
      httpserver/osv-gui: update to latest
      apps: update to latest

Renato Cunha (2):
      libc: add complex number arithmetic functions
      ncurses: Do not assume tic can read from stdin

Takuya ASADA (5):
      console: remove unused header
      libc: add qsort_r()
      httpserver: make jolokia API as plugin
      httpserver: remove jvm API, make it as plugin
      java: require jolokia/jvm REST APIs

bhuztez (3):
      add sched_getaffinity stub and implement sysconf(_SC_OPEN_MAX)
      libc: Fix waitpid return code
      libc: implement pause() and select() with nfds=0 and timeout=NULL
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