Running OSv on VirtualBox

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Step 0: System considerations

At least on Mac OS X you should be using the latest version of VirtualBox, earlier ones are known to break. The one that is known to work is 4.3.10

Step 1: Prepare VirtualBox network

Select VirtualBox -> Preferences -> Network -> Host-only Networks

Make sure vboxnet0 is available. If not, create it by clicking the ADD button.

Make sure the DHCP server for vboxnet0 is enabled by clicking the EDIT button.

Step 2: Download or generate an OSv VirtualBox Appliance

Download the relevant oav file from here


To generate a new image, working within the osv source directory:

$ make image=default
$ scripts/
Step 3: Import OSv Appliance into VirtualBox

Click File -> Import Appliance. Choose the OSv OVA file you downloaded or generated.

Step 4: Start OSv

Start your OSv VM by double clicking. That's it.