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Testing POSIX APIs on OSv

Geraldo Netto edited this page Oct 31, 2018 · 3 revisions

OSv aims to support most if not all POSIX APIs except for fork() and some other Please, check all details here

To that intent, we built a set of sample applications that uses POSIX APIs to test OSv behaviour

In order to execute those tests, please, run the following command:

netto@morpheus:~/Desktop/osv/osv-tomcat9$ ./scripts/build check
  TEST                     OK  (7.069 s)
  TEST            OK  (2.618 s)
  TEST                        OK  (2.981 s)
  TEST                    OK  (0.756 s)
OK (119 tests run, 271.007 s)

To test an specific case (note, you need to run build check first):

netto@morpheus:~/Desktop/osv/osv-tomcat9$ ./scripts/ --name
  TEST                      OK  (1.186 s)
OK (1 test run, 1.187 s)
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