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WARNING! The documentation on this site is in the progress of being moved over to the Barbican sphinx documentation.

Welcome to the Barbican project wiki. The wiki pages for Barbican provide technical details about the project, as summarized below. For product information about Barbican, see the project's README file.

OpenStack and Barbican

The official source code repository for Barbican is part of the OpenStack organization found here, rather than the cloudkeep/barbican repository where this wiki resides. This is because Barbican started under the CloudKeep organization before being incubated into OpenStack. Eventually this documentation will be moved to the OpenStack wiki and documentation websites.

The OpenStack process also calls for projects to have a Launchpad presence, as available here for Barbican. Launchpad uses Blueprints, which are effectively epics for Barbican work and several of them are noted in a separate section below. Project defects are also tracked via the Launchpad site.

Try it Out!

Please visit our Getting Started Guide to explore ways to evaluate Barbican.

Technical Details

The following wiki pages provide technical information about the Barbican secret/key management service:

Developer/Evaluator Resources

These wiki pages provide information to interested developers or folks wishing to evaluate the Barbican application on their own workstations:

  • Barbican API Getting Started Guide - This guide provides information that helps you get started with getting the Barbican development environment set up and using the Barbican API.
  • Developer Guide for the API - This guide is for anyone interested in running Barbican locally. It also provides information for contributors to Barbican, including the structure of the code base. Maintenance information for adding new features and functionality are provided as well. Finally, troubleshooting guidance is available.
  • Developer Guide for CloudCAFE - This guide is for contributors wishing to add CloudCAFE smoke and integration tests for Barbican.
  • Gerrit Review Process - All code change requests for Barbican must utilize the Gerrit review process, further detailed on this page.

OpenStack-Aligned Integration Environment

We have stood up a public integration environment with a demonstration Barbican installation. Note however that this is not the latest version of Barbican, but rather the latest official OpenStack Havana release per our Launchpad release process.

Release Notes

Release notes for the latest OpenStack-aligned version of Barbican are available on this page.

Interacting with Integration Environment

Details on interacting with this environment are available on this page. Please do not store sensitive information on this server, it is for evaluation purposes only!

Launchpad Blueprints

In an effort to align with the OpenStack framework, several 'blueprint' documents have been created in Launchpad. The content for some of these blueprints are contained within this wiki.

  1. Mime Type Revamp: Update to the Barbican API that better aligns with HTTP content-type, accept and encodings.
  2. Technical Approach: Architectural, technology-selection and API details for the Barbican
  3. Plugin Encryption Modules: Details for a plugin framework to add encryption resources to Barbican, including HSMs and security-focused processors (such as from Intel).
  4. Initial Use Case: Keystone/Nova/Cinder Integration: Details the initial OpenStack use case targeted for the Barbican Havana release.
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