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#!/usr/bin/env python
Node statuses: grabs node statuses from the Cloudkick API, then returns metrics on how many have checks in good/warning/error state.
from oauth import oauth
import urllib
import simplejson as json
except ImportError:
import json
# TODO: automatically read these from /etc/cloudkick.conf
OAUTH_KEY = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
OAUTH_SECRET = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
FAILURE_THRESHOLD = 0.5 # fraction of nodes that must be in bad state for this check to fail
NODE_QUERY = 'tag:cassandra tag:prod'
# You probably never need to change these
BASE_URL = 'https://%s/%s/' % (API_SERVER, API_VERSION)
# Enabling debug will break this script's functionality as a plugin
DEBUG = False
def oauth_request(url, method, parameters):
signature_method = oauth.OAuthSignatureMethod_HMAC_SHA1()
consumer = oauth.OAuthConsumer(OAUTH_KEY, OAUTH_SECRET)
oauth_request = oauth.OAuthRequest.from_consumer_and_token(consumer,
oauth_request.sign_request(signature_method, consumer, None)
url = oauth_request.to_url()
if DEBUG: print 'url:', url
request = urllib.urlopen(url)
response =
if DEBUG: print 'response:', response
return response
def get_node_ids(query):
node_ids = []
response = oauth_request(BASE_URL + 'nodes', 'GET', {'query': query})
node_json = json.loads(response)
if not node_json:
raise Exception('Query \"%s\" matches no nodes' % query)
for node in node_json.values()[0]:
return node_ids
def get_statuses(node_ids):
statuses = []
for node_id in node_ids:
response = oauth_request(BASE_URL + 'status/nodes', 'GET', {'node_ids': node_id})
status_json = json.loads(response)
statuses.append((node_id, status_json.items()[0][1]['overall_check_statuses']))
return statuses
node_ids = get_node_ids(NODE_QUERY)
if DEBUG: print 'node ids:', node_ids
statuses = get_statuses(node_ids)
totals = {}
for node_id, status in statuses:
if totals.get(status) == None:
totals[status] = 1
totals[status] += 1
for status, total in totals.items():
print 'metric %s_total int %s' % (status, total)
total_bad = totals.get('Error', 0) + totals.get('Warning', 0)
total_ok = totals.get('Ok', 0)
total_nodes = total_bad + total_ok
failure_ratio = total_bad / float(total_nodes)
print 'metric failure_ratio float %s' % failure_ratio
overall_status = 'err'
if failure_ratio < FAILURE_THRESHOLD:
overall_status = 'ok'
print 'status %s %s bad, %s ok out of %s nodes' % (overall_status, total_bad, total_ok, total_nodes)