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Cast Vagrant development box

This is a development box for the Vast project.


  • 15.04.2011 - v0.2.0
  • Upgrade included node version to 0.4.6
  • Upgrade included npm version to 1.0.0 rc-8
  • Include node-inspector module
  • Forward new ports (5858 - node debugger, 8080 - node-inspector)
  • runit instance which monitors Cast services directory is now started as vagrant user instead of root
  • Cast vash completion library is now automatically sourced on login
  • 29.03.2011 - v0.1.1

    • Add npm recipe
    • Set NODE_PATH environment variable to /data/cast/lib
    • create Cast root directory (/opt/cast) on provisioning
    • Start runsvdir on the Cast services directory (/opt/cast/services-enabled)
    • Update the message of the day file
  • 23.03.2011 - v0.1.0

    • Initial release


Box installation / setup

  1. Download and add Cast box vagrant box add cast /local/path/

  2. Create and change to a Cast box root directory mkdir ~/vagrant/cast ; cd ~/vagrant/cast

  3. Initialize Cast box inside this directory vagrant init cast

  4. Start the VM vagrant up


  • vagrant suspend - save the snapshot and suspend the VM
  • vagrant resume - resume from a saved snapshot
  • vagrant halt - turn off the VM (current state is not saved)
  • vagrant up - starts the stopped VM
  • vagrant reload - re-run the provisioner. Useful if you edit some cookbook settings and you want the provision to re-evaluate all the recipes again.

Contact / Help

Mailing list:!forum/cast-dev IRC: #cast-project @ freenode