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Installing the Cloudkick Agent on Engine Yard

Step 1: Retrieving the Cloudkick Engine Yard Overlay

Make sure that /usr/portage/local exists, then clone the overlay into it

mkdir -p /usr/portage/local
cd /usr/portage/local
git clone git://github.com/cloudkick/cloudkick-engineyard.git

Step 2: Adding the Cloudkick Engine Yard Overlay

Open up /etc/make.conf and add a line to the end:


Step 3: Installing the Cloudkick Agent

You should now be able to install the Cloudkick Agent by running

emerge -a cloudkick-agent

This will also pull in the cloudkick-config tool which helsp you configure the agent. When they are done installing run.


And provide your Cloudkick username and password when prompted. This will generate a basic /etc/cloudkick.conf. If this node already appears on your Cloudkick dashboard then this is all the configuration needed. Otherwise you will need to specify a node name in /etc/cloudkick.conf as described at https://support.cloudkick.com/Agent/Cloudkick.conf.

You probably also want to add the agent to the default runlevel:

rc-update add cloudkick-agent default

Now start the agent

/etc/init.d/cloudkick-agent start

And log into Cloudkick and make sure the agent is shown as connected in the Dashboard. If not, check /var/log/cloudkick-agent.log for troubleshooting information.

Receiving Updates

To update the Cloudkick Agent for Engine Yard, you will need to first pull in any updates to the overlay, then install any available updates.

cd /usr/portage/local/cloudkick-engineyard
git pull
emerge -a cloudkick-agent

Then, once the update is installed

/etc/init.d/cloudkick-agent restart

At this point you should be running the updated version of the agent.