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Apache libcloud - a unified interface into the cloud
The goal of this project is to create a basic yet functional standard library
into various cloud providers.
Apache libcloud is an incubator project at the Apache Software Foundation, see
<> for more information.
For API documentation and examples, see:
Important Security Note
Python's built-in SSL module does not do certificate validation.
To address this, we've introduced the module with tunable
View the entire guide at: <>
Enabling SSL Certificate Check
import = True
# optionally, add to CA_CERTS_PATH"/path/to/your/cacerts.txt")
CA_CERTS_PATH contains common paths to CA bundle installations on the
following platforms:
* openssl on CentOS/Fedora
* ca-certificates on Debian/Ubuntu/Arch/Gentoo
* ca_root_nss on FreeBSD
* curl-ca-bundle on Mac OS X
Note for OS X Users
OS X root certificates are stored in the Keychain format, unlike the standard
PEM format available on other *nix platforms. For this reason, it is not
possible to include the standard OS X root certificates with CA_CERTS_PATH.
Acquiring CA Certificates
If the above packages are unavailable to you, and you don't wish to roll your
own, the makers of cURL provides an excellent resource, generated from
Please send feedback to the mailing list at <>,
or the JIRA at <>.