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0.8.4 (13.08.2013)

  • Fix global setup and teardown functionality so it works correctly if those procedures or the actual tests are asynchronous.

  • Update instanbul code coverage integration to use --complete-copy option.

0.8.3 (05.06.2013)

  • If user passes in --chdir option, always resolve it to a full absolute path.

  • Modify code coverage instrumentation layer to use istanbul instead of jscoverage. #55

[Sam Falvo]

v0.8.2 (03.06.2013)

  • Remove old and obsolete _debugger module, allow user to specify debugger listen port using --debug option and print the port to console. #54

    [Chase Douglas]

v0.8.1-alpha (20.05.2013)

  • Correctly log cmd string in the process runner.

v0.8.0-alpha (20.05.2013)

  • Make Whiskey behave more like other test runners and run setUp and tearDown function before and after every test run instead of running it once per test file.

    Note: This change is breaking and backward incompatible. If you want to preserve old behavior, you need to migrate to a new initialize and finalize function. Those two functions behave the same as way setUp and tearDown did in older versions.

Old code (pre 0.8.0):

exports['setUp'] = function(test, assert) {
  // load database fixtures

exports['tearDown'] = function(test, assert) {
  // clear database

New code (to preserve the old behavior, post 0.8.0):

exports['initialize'] = function(test, assert) {
  // load database fixtures

exports['finalize'] = function(test, assert) {
  // clear database

v0.7.1 (07.05.2013)

  • Correctly report exception if a test throws a string.

v0.7.0 (15.04.2013)

v0.6.13 (18.02.2013)

  • Change with on the SpyOn object to withArgs because with is a reserved keyword.

    [Bjorn Tipling]

v0.6.12 (18.02.2013)

  • Add support for spying on the arguments with which a function has been called.

    [Michael Bird]

v0.6.11 (11.10.2012)

  • Add independent-tests option to the runner which allows user to run multiple test files in parallel.

    [Samuel A. Falvo II]

  • Add an optional, minimal BDD idiom implementation.

    [Robert Chiniquy]

  • Send the SIGKILL signal instead of SIGTERM when killing child processes managed by the process runner.

    [Robert Chiniquy]

v0.6.10 (11.05.2012)

  • Add 'spy' functionality to the 'test' object.

    [Bjorn Tipling]

v0.6.9 (06.05.2012)

  • Allow user to specify "kill_script" attribute in the process runner dependency file. If this attribute is present, the kill_script is executed instead of sending SIGTERM to the process when stopping it.

v0.6.8 (18.04.2012)

  • Allow user to pass a comma delimited string with config paths to the whiskey-process-runner binary. For example: whiskey-process-runner --config tests/dependencies1.json,tests/dependencies2.json. In case multiple paths are provided, Whiskey performs simple merge on all the values.

v0.6.7 (09.02.2012)

  • Add --coverage-no-regen option. If this option is used coverage won't be regenerated if a lib-cov directory already exists in a current working directory.

v0.6.6 (26.01.2012)

  • Add --coverage-no-instrument option
  • Also support files with .java suffix when aggregating coverage. Contributed by Gary Dusbabek.

v0.6.5 (08.01.2012)

  • Modify JSON coverage reporter so it can also be used for aggregated coverage output.

v0.6.4 (07.01.2012)

  • Add and export installCoverageHandler function.

  • Add 'available_for_coverage' option to the process runner. If a process specifies this option it is sent SIGUSR2 signal when stopping it instead of sending SIGTERM.

  • Allow user to specify full path when using a JSON coverage reporter.

v0.6.4 (16.12.2011)

  • Fix a race condition when using code coverage and instrumenting the code.

v0.6.2 (01.12.2011)

  • If an error occurs when the process runner is starting a processes, propagate it to the ProcessRunner.start callback. Patch by Ken Wronkiewicz.

v0.6.1 (29.11.2011)

  • Make sure to kill the processes which have already been started by the process runner if starting one of the processes fails. Reported by Ryan Phillips.

  • If process runner is used with Whiskey, make sure to stop all the running processes if Whiskey errors out. Reported by Ryan Phillips.

  • Log an error if test.finish() has been called more then once.

0.6.0 (27.11.2011)

  • Add process runner and support for managing and orchestrating test dependencies. More info about the process runner can be found at

0.5.1 (06.11.2011)

  • Fix a bug which caused an infinite loop in the CLI reporter if a test name was too long.
  • If --report-timing option is used also print aggregated run time for each test file.

v0.5.0 (05.11.2011)

  • Add --report-timing option which reports each test run time.

  • If an error object has no message attribute, but it has toString method, call this method and assign a returned value to the message attribute

  • Add --gen-makefile and --makefile-path option which allows users to generate a Makefile with different Whiskey targets

  • Remove all the code which modifies require.paths so now Whiskey also works with node v0.5.x / v0.6.x.

    Note: Now when using code coverage you must manually set NODE_PATH environment variable and make sure it contains the lib-cov directory.

v0.4.2 (29.08.2011)

  • assert.ifError now also captures a stack trace
  • Don't set a first breakpoint at the beginning of the test file when using --debug option
  • User can now pass a reason / message to the test.skip() function
  • Add a new 'json' coverage reporter which writes a raw JSON coverage dump to a file
  • Add a new --coverage-files option which allows user to generate aggregated coverage report across multiple files.

v0.4.1 (11.07.2011)

  • Fix a bug with reporting coverage when multiple test files had the same name
  • Allow user to specify which tests in a test file are run using a glob pattern

v0.4.0 (15.06.2011)

  • Add experimental support for attaching Node debugger to the test process (--debug option)
  • Fix a bug in assert.response
  • Fix a bug with exiting prematurely in the option parser on Mac OS X
  • Default Whiskey communication socket path now contains a random component
  • --print-stdout and --print-stderr options have been replaced with the --quiet option
  • The tests now run in sequential mode by default (old behavior can be replicated by using the --concurrency 100 option)
  • Fix a bug in scope leak reporting
  • Fix a bug in assert.eql

v0.3.4 (31.05.2011)

  • When reporting the test results print a whole path to the test file instead of just a file name
  • Add --no-styles option and only use styles and colors if the underlying terminal supports it
  • Don't patch EventEmitter.on and EventEmitter.addListener in the long-stack-traces library, because this masks original functions and breaks some functionality
  • Add support for skipping a test using test.skip() function
  • Allow user to directly pass in a list of test to run to the whiskey binary without using the --tests option

v0.3.3 (17.05.2011)

  • Make test object a function and allow users to directly call this function to signal end of the test [Wade Simmons]
  • Add support for scope leaks reporting (--scope-leaks option)

v0.3.2 (04.05.2011)

  • Allow user to pass in --encoding and --exclude option to jscoverage
  • When a test file times out, print the results for all the tests in this file which didn't time out
  • Refactor some of the internals so the results are now reported back to the main process after each test completes instead of reporting them back when all the tests in a single file complete
  • Clear the timeout and report the tests result in the child exit handler and not after all the tests have called .finish(), because it's possible that user calls .finish() and blocks afterwards

v0.3.1 (02.05.2011)

  • Capture the child process stdout and stderr in the main process instead of monkey patching the process.stdout and process.stderr in the child process

v0.3.0 (01.05.2011)

  • Refactor most of the internals to make the code more readable and more easy to extend
  • Communication between the main and child processes now takes place over a unix socket
  • Add support for "Reporter" classes
  • Remove the --init-file option
  • User can now specify a maximum number of async tests which will run at the same time (--concurrency [NUMBER] option)
  • Add a new "TAP" test reporter class (--test-reporter tap)
  • Add test coverage support with support for text and HTML output (--coverage option)
  • User can now specify a module with custom assertion functions which are attached to the assert object and passed to the each test function (--custom-assert-module MODULE_PATH)

Note: The test format has changed and it is not backward compatible with Whiskey 0.2.0.

Now each test gets passed in a special test object and a custom assert module which must be used to perform assertions.

exports['test_some_func'] = function(test, assert) {

v0.2.4 (15.04.2011)

  • Better reporting on a test file timeout
  • Properly report if a test file does not exist or some other uncaught exception was thrown
  • Fix a bug with output buffer not being fully flushed on exit on OS X
  • add --print-stdout and --print-stderr option

v0.2.2 (30.03.2011)

  • Add timeout support to the init, setUp and tearDown function - if the callback passed to one of those functions is not called in timeout milliseconds, an exception is thrown and test execution is aborted
  • Test timeout is now properly reported as a failure

0.2.1 (27.03.2011)

  • Handle uncaughtExceptions better
  • Use lighter colors so test status output is more distinguishable
  • Fix bug with "cannot find module" exception not being properly reported
  • Add support for per-test file init function / file
  • Print stdout and stderr on failure

v0.2.0 (26.03.2011)

  • Add support for the failfast mode (runner exists after a first failure)
  • User can specify custom test timeout by passing in the --timeout argument
  • Add support for a setUp and tearDown function
  • Add colors to the output
  • Now each test file must export all the test functions so the runner can iterate over them
  • Add support for a global initialization file / function (init function in this file is run before all the tests in a main process and can perform some kind of global initialization)
  • Add support for --chdir argument

v0.1.0 (25.03.2011)

  • Initial release (refactor module out from Cast and move it into a separate project)