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Process Runner

Whiskey process runner can be used for starting and managing service dependencies for your tests.

Example dependencies include, but are not limited to:

  • databases,
  • web servers,
  • other external services

Note: All the processes defined in the configuration file are managed by Whiskey process runner which means they shouldn't deamonize and must run in the foreground.

Configuration File

dependencies.json file is used to specify all the dependencies for your tests.

Example configuration file:

  "cassandra": {
    "cmd": ["/usr/local/bin/cassandra/", "-f"],
    "cwd": ["__dirname", ".."],
    "log_file": "cassandra.log",
    "wait_for": "socket",
    "wait_for_options": {
      "host": "",
      "port": "1234"
    "timeout": 6000

  "api_server": {
    "cmd": ["bin/api-server"],
    "depends": ["cassandra"]

  "celery": {
    "cmd": ["celeryd", "-w", "5"],
    "wait_for": "stdout",
    "wait_for_options": {
      "string": "Celery has been started..."

Option descriptions

  • cmd - command to run.
  • cwd - process working directory (defaults to the current working directory).
  • log_file - path to the file where the process stdout and stderr is saved. (defaults to cwd/<process_name>.log)
  • wait_for - Condition which must be met before the process is considered as started (defaults to none).
  • kill_script - path to the shell script which will be executed instead of sending SIGKILL signal to the managed process when stopping it.
  • timeout - how long to wait for process to start (in ms) before erroring out (defaults to 10 seconds).
  • depends - Array of names of process dependencies. Name must match some other process defined in the configuration file.

Valid wait_for values:

  • none - don't wait
  • stdout - wait for a string on process standard output or standard error
  • socket - wait until a connection on the provided ip and port is successfully established

Valid options for wait_for_options:

  • stdout - string
  • socket - host, port

Specifying Dependencies In the Test Files

exports.dependencies = ['name1', 'name2'];

Process Manager Command Line Tool

Command line tool can be used for:

  • Verifying that the configuration file is correct
  • Starting specified dependencies without running the tests. All the started processed are stopped on SIGINT.


Verify configuration file

whiskey-process-runner --configuration [file.json] --verify

Start all the processes defined in the configuration file

whiskey-process-runner --configuration [file.json] --run

Start some processes defined in the configuration file

whiskey-process-runner --configuration [file.json] --run --names process1,process2