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* [GoDaddy](
* [Google Domains](
### How much will this cost?
For most sites, it will likely cost less than $1 per month. The cost for a Route 53 hosted zone is fixed at $0.50/month; the remaining CloudFront and S3 costs depend on the levels of traffic, but typically amount to a few cents for small levels of traffic.
### What tool did you use to draw the diagram above?
The [AWS CloudFormation Designer tool]( allows drag-and-drop creation of templates, and also creates diagrams from existing JSON or YAML template files.
* Additional templates for bare domain only, www->root
* See if there's a way to use same set of name servers for Route 53 zone to avoid
having to always look up name servers
* Include certificate validation using CNAME DNS record as part of template.
Until official CloudFormation support, potential solutions:

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