Deploy multiple VMware VM with Ansible vmware_guest module
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Deploy Multiple VMware VM with Ansible


Playbook and role to deploy multiple vSphere virtual machines from a template using Ansible. For more information, you can refer to the related blog post.


  • Python (≥ 2.6)
  • Ansible
  • PyVmomi


The required files are:

├── ansible.cfg
├── answerfile.yml
├── deploy-kubernetes-prod.yml
├── roles
│   └── deploy-vsphere-template
│       └── tasks
│           └── main.yml
└── vms-to-deploy
  1. Edit the vms-to-deploy file to define the number of virtual machines you want to deploy, as well as their names, datastore, IP and notes.
  2. Edit the answerfile.yml file to set the correct parameter for
    • the infrastructure (where to deploy)
    • the common options for the virtual machines
  3. (optional) Edit the role.


ansible-playbook -i vms-to-deploy deploy-kubernetes-prod.yml

Enjoy! :)