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LFS Server Go!

NOT yet ready for primetime and is going through some iterations, specifically regarding access control.

LFS Server Go! a server that implements the Git LFS API

This is based off of lfs-test-server

  1. This server provides access to
  2. The meta store is offloaded to
  • BoltDB
  • Cassandra
  1. There is a notion of project -> OID membership, which is lacking from the original. This is wired up but still a WIP. It will allow for validating a user's membership to a project and the project's associated OID to the user, thus ensuring a user's access to a project will allow for access to an OID


  1. Update access
  • Rename user to namespace
  • Implement namespace and project based access
  1. Remove/Clean up old objects on delete
  2. When an object is public and AWS is enabled, offload GETs directly to AWS
  3. Adopt verification of uploads
  4. Redo the UI so it is abstracted into its own app


Use the Go installer, this will install all dependencies tracked:

  $ go install

To use a specific config file, set LFS_SERVER_GO_CONFIG=/path/to/config

Then start with ./scripts/start

Stop with ./scripts/stop


Set your GO_ENV. Options are prod or dev or test

Running the binary will start an LFS server on localhost:8080 by default. All of the configuration settings are stored in config.ini.

You'll want to copy config.ini.example to config.ini

A running database server, if desired. One of MySQL or Cassandra are the external database options. BoltDB is the local option and is not suggested for production use

An example usage:

Generate a key pair

openssl req -x509 -sha256 -nodes -days 2100 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout mine.key -out mine.crt

Update the config to point at your new keys

Build the server

go build


If using S3, you'll need to set AWS_ACCESS_KEY and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY in your environment AWS_ACCESS_KEY is your AWS access key ID AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY is your AWS secret key


export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=someLongString
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=someLongerString/withMoreStuff

Or set it in the config file via the AccessKeyId and SecretAccessKey config settings

Start it



Further client documentation on the client is available at

To use the LFS test server with the Git LFS client, configure it in the repository's .gitconfig file:

    url = "http://localhost:8080/janedoe/lfsrepo"

This file MUST be checked into git inside of your project.


NOTE: If using https with a self signed cert also disable cert checking in the client repo.

		url = "https://localhost:8080/jimdoe/lfsrepo"

		sslfverify = false

Security Design

Namespaces -> projects Users are given access to a namespace: read, write, or both Users are given access to a project: read, write, or both


To build from source, use the Go tools + godep:

  $ go get
  $ go install ./...
  $ godep restore

Making changes

To build from source, use the Go tools:

  $ go get
  $ go install ./...
  <edit files>
  $ godep save ./...
  $ godep update ./...


MUST have AWS S3 credentials (public and secret keys)

MUST create a database and user in mysql used for testing:

create database lfs_server_go_test;
grant all privileges on lfs_server_go_test.* to 'lfs_server'@'localhost' identified by 'pass123';

MUST have Cassandra

brew install cassandra


LFS server with multiple file stores and backing stores




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