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<title>CloudMine Demo App Monitor</title>
<script src="" language="javascript"></script>
<script src="" language="javascript"></script>
<script src="../js/cloudmine.js" language="javascript"></script>
th {
background-color: #ccc;
text-align: left;
<script language="javascript">
$(document).ready(function() {
var appid = "e3eda9b8240e4bb3a0ab9f53400104f5";
var apikey = "f824d345ffb04fda9491ff3f7af0e7aa";
cloudmine.init({app_id: appid, api_key: apikey});
var cached = {};
var fetch = function() {
cloudmine.getValues(null, {
success: function(success){
var table = $('table#template').clone();
table.attr('id', 'thedata').attr('style', '');
success.forEach(function(key, value){
table.find('tbody').append('<tr><td>'+value.title+'</td><td>'+value.note.replace("\n", "<br />")+ '</td></tr>');
if(!cached || !cached[key] || cached[key].modified != value.modified) {
var lastRow = table.find('tr:last');
lastRow.css('background-color', 'yellow');
setTimeout(function() { lastRow.animate({ backgroundColor: '#fff' }, 'slow'); }, 500);
cached = success;
setInterval(fetch, 1000);
<h1>Todo List Web Portal</h1>
<table id="template" style="display:none" width="100%">
<div id="content">&nbsp;</div>
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