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Updated README to include top/left in crop().

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@@ -141,6 +141,8 @@ im.resize({
### crop(options, callback) ###
Convenience function for resizing and cropping an image. _crop_ uses the resize method, so _options_ and _callback_ are the same. _crop_ uses _options.srcPath_, so make sure you set it :) Using only _options.width_ or _options.height_ will create a square dimensioned image. Gravity can also be specified, it defaults to Center. Available gravity options are [NorthWest, North, NorthEast, West, Center, East, SouthWest, South, SouthEast]
+You can also specify the top and left coordinates of the crop rectangle within the image by specifying _top_ and _left_ in the options. These MUST be strings!! This is in accordance with ImageMagick's image geometric syntax. _top_ and _left_ each must begin with a _+_ or _-_ followed by an integer representing a pixel offset from the top-left of the original image.
@@ -149,6 +151,8 @@ im.crop({
dstPath: 'cropped.jpg',
width: 800,
height: 600,
+ top: '+20',
+ left: '+30',
quality: 1,
gravity: "North"
}, function(err, stdout, stderr){

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