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Java implementation of the Command-Bus pattern for Spring and CDI
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CDI/Spring enabled Java Command-Bus


  • Command - Marker Interface
  • CommandHandler - One Implementation per Command. Provides handle(CommandImplementation) Method.
  • CommandBus - Finds and calls the CommandHandler for each Command.
  • CommandBus can be decorated, in order to implement cross-cutting concerns, such as logging, transaction handling, validation, autorization, metrics etc.


Add the latest stable version of command-bus to the dependency management tool of your choice. You can also get snapshot versions from our snapshot repository (for the most recent commit on develop branch). To do so, add the following repo to your pom.xml or settings.xml:


There are different versions of command-bus for either CDI or spring.

Dependency for CDI


Maven Central

Dependency for Spring


Maven Central


  • Bootstrapping
    • CDI: Having the command-bus-cdi dependency on the classpath triggers the CDI extension
    • Spring: All CommandHandlers must be within the application context (e.g. @Component in spring boot)
  • Implement your Commands and the logic in appropriate CommandHandlers.
  • You can now just inject the CommandBus and pass your Commands to its execute() method. It will automatically pass it to the appropriate handler.
  • Examples:
  • If you want to decorate your command bus (for logging, metrics, etc.), a factory/producer for the CommandBus is the central place where decorators can be instantiated. It brings together your CommandBus (e.g. CDICommandBus, SpringCommandBus) with decorators (see bellow). Example CommandBusFactorys:


The CommandHandlers for CDI and Spring both use a Registry (CDI / Spring) to store Commands and CommandHandlers. Difference:

  • CDI: The CDIExtension finds all Commands and CommandHandlers and puts them on the Registry.
  • Spring: The Registry itself gets all Commands and CommandHandlers from the application context.

Command Bus Decorators

First example is the logging decorator (LoggingCommandBus) that logs entering and leaving (including time of execution) of CommandHandlers.

Prometheus metric decorators

The Command Bus provides two Prometheus metrics decorators. More information on Prometheus can be found on the project's website. In order to use them, make sure to provide the io.prometheus:simpleclient dependency on the classpath.


The PrometheusMetricsCountingCommandBus counts every executed command, using a Prometheus Counter. The counter to be used must be provided as a constructor parameter. For each type of command (i.e. it's class name) a label is created automatically.


The PrometheusMetricsTimingCommandBus captures the time a command's execution takes and provides the metric as a Prometheus Histogram. Similarly to the PrometheusMetricsCountingCommandBus, the Histogram needs to be provided as a constructor parameter.

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