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helm-sudo plugin

A helm plugin that uses impersonating to execute helm-commands on clusters within the admin context.

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For questions or suggestions you are welcome to join us at our myCloudogu community forum.

Discuss it on myCloudogu


Install the plugin using the built-in plugin manager (see releases for latest version):

# Installs latest commit
helm plugin install
# Installs deterministic version
helm plugin install --version=0.0.2


Its usage is pretty simple, just use "sudo" on your helm commands like so:

helm sudo list 

what the plugin does is, it adds the --kube-as-user and --kube-as-group flags with your user ($USER) and system:masters group to the given helm command.

So the plugin executes the following:

helm --kube-as-user $USER --kube-as-group system:masters list

Flags will just be passed along to the command you are calling.

CAUTION: Due to the usage of this plugin, you will execute the helm command as admin on your cluster!

Syntax completion works with helm version 3.8.0 and up.


ENV_VAR Default Description
HELM_SUDO_PROMPT false If set to true you will be prompted to acknowledge the usage of the helm-command on the current context as admin

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